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This is your last chance to free Thierry Dol so he can spend his Xmas with his family before you get killed.

Free Thierry Dol now
Souratul Nassi

As you may know, Ansar Dine and MNLA have resigned, against the UNO resolution which allows an international military force to spread in Northen Mali to fight againts the so-called islamic terrorists from Al Qaida. Thierry Dol is innocent so if anything happens to him during this war, you will face determined soldiers who will  kill you without any pity. Martinique People will not tolerate any casualties that may concern his citizens. We are coming from West African coasts and we never embraced Islamic beliefs as we were colonised by the French who are mostly Roman Catholics. Malians and also Senagalese soldiers will track you until your final death, as they are our brothers and cousins so you won't have any rest in this war until all of you are being dead and damned. Serigne Mansour Malick and all the Mourides and Bay Fall, the descendants of Cheick Amadou Bamba and Ibrahima Fall will get rid of you in Western Africa.

So now, this is your last chance to get back to Libya, free Thierry Dol and the French hostages, before being killed and damned.    

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